Mr Zulkifli Bin Yusop is Managing Director of First Grade Resources. First Grade were established as an Islamic Manufacturing company. Located at Kulim Kedah, 124, Jalan Cengal 6, Taman Cengal Indah 3,09000 Kulim Kedah Malaysia. The company was established since 11 January 2008 (Formerly known as First Grade Resources) and is still running with high demand from various customers throughout Malaysia. GMP standard factory has HALAL and MeSTi certification


  • Manufacture Skin Care, Body Care,Hair Care, External & Inner Care.

  • Developing formulation become more effective.

  • Packaging Product until finished product.

  • Customize formulation

  • Design your packaging or Use your own design

  • Consulting on product making

What is OEM

OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means a factory that has the ability to produce a product to a specific specification. This product is not stamped or branded. Owner or founder of a product will determines the brand, packaging and so on related to the exterior of the product.

OEM factory is not limited to the production of beauty products or cosmetic products only. broadly OEM products cover anything that can be rebranded.